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Would you like to have the capacity to make the great-looking video from the solace of your home or office? Presently you can wrench out online video whenever, on the fly or on request with you possess, own video studio. Be that as it may, here’s the best part:

You don’t have to fabricate a complete TV studio or spend a boatload of cash to communicate online video – All you require is a computer, a webcam, some free programming and perhaps a couple of lights. That is it! This agenda and guide will walk you through precisely what you require (and what you don’t) to get up and running quick…

1. Computer – This may appear to be somewhat self-evident, yet it’s hugely the critical component in your studio – especially in case you’re utilizing a webcam. Eventually, you will need to transfer your video along these lines, regardless of whether you’re using a Flip Video camera, a computer is indispensable. Macintosh or PC doesn’t make a difference; however, I’m a significant fanatic of Macs on account of their incorporated “iSight” webcam and usability.

2. Webcam – Many fresher computers accompany an integrated webcam. On the off chance that yours does, I recommend you keep it straightforward and utilize what you have. If you require a different webcam, any Logitech webcam is a sure thing.

The quality is excellent and they join to your computer or workstation with a first USB association. Costs extend from $30 to USD 130. The more costly models have more extravagant accessories. Discover one at or go to for surveys and more data.

3. Lighting – Assuming you’re not doing anything excessively progressed, for example, green screen, you needn’t bother with a great deal of extravagant studio lighting. The primary concern is to keep the light source – regardless of whether it’s merely normal light from a window – before you.

Regular sunshine from a window is frequently adequate. Notwithstanding, the one “studio” light that I utilize and suggest is the Promaster SystemPro Cool Light 16. I got mine at B and H Photo for $120. You’ll likewise need to get a light stand.

4. Setting/Background – Your setting is essential, so set aside some opportunity to figure out where you’ll set up your camera (or computer/webcam) and what will be behind you in the shot. A few people favor an everyday dark or white foundation.

A dark sheet will work on the off chance that you select a dark setting. However, they don’t don dark! The objective of your background is to not occupy from the subject (you), and additionally, to include or upgrade the message/mark you are endeavoring to pass on. As a rule, an office foundation is appropriate, as long as it’s not untidy or diverting. Shelves additionally make a decent scenery.

If you choose plain white, don’t utilize a white sheet… You can generally observe the wrinkles, and it looks tasteless. On the off chance that need be, spend the cash for some great material in case you’re ‘attaching it up’ behind you as your setting. With regards to your background, let good judgment win.